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About Us : Agencia Morocco Tours Is A Local Travel Agency Based In Morocco


Youssef is a local Moroccan berber man, who have grown up in the desert (Sahara-Merzouga) and has over 10 years of experience showing guests the best, greatest of Morocco.

He knows Morocco, and he is proud of his culture and traditions and genuinely enjoy sharing his passion for all that Morocco has to offer a personalized routes will allow you to travel in a different way, without haste and in small groups (friends, family, couple…) with calm and confidence to travel at your own pace, without relying on a group or conditioning by planning a trip that does not take into account your interests.

“Our tours try to offer the customer a vision of the real Morocco, with native professionals who know all the culture, traditions of the country, away from the tourist vision display only. They will accompany you throughout your trip so that you feel integrated into their culture and can enjoy Moroccan life.”


Agencia Marrocos Tours is a local travel agency based in Morocco which really specialists in organizing routes From the north to the south of the kingdom by 4×4 vehicles facilitating the slopes access, to the less touristic and more authentic places, to enjoy the convenience and comfort of its benefits.

With Dromedaries excursions until reach the camps which are located in the middle of the dunes and be able to enjoy a night under the stars in a beautiful sight . Visiting Berber families, sharing their liFeztyle, and Customs. And driving until reaching the oasis frequented by nomads.

We also offer routes by the first Moroccan imperial cities, theoasis paths and thousand Kasbahs, as well as the possibility of touring its beaches, valleys, hills and mountains and to admire the beauty of its landscapes with cultural activities.
Viagem ao Marrocos
segurança de idosos que viajam ao marrocos
Passeio De Camelo Ao Pôr Do Sol No Palm Grove

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About Us :

Our tours try to offer the client a vision of the real Morocco, with natives who know all the culture and traditions of the country, far from the tourist view.

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Agencia Marrocos Tours
+212 678-099570
+212 678-099570
17 Derb El Gabasse 30000 - Fes, Morocco